Automated Endoscope Washing and Disinfection Machine


Detro Wash range consists of automated endoscope washing and disinfection machines. They are designed for washing and disinfection of flexible endoscopes unresistant to heat after their use.


Double tank system: Reduces the contamination risk and makes the disinfectants used longer.

Double scope property: Saves up time and solution by disinfecting two endoscope at same time.

Self disinfection programme

Triple filter property

Multitypescope property: Can disinfect and wash every type and model of endoscopes

LCD screen, touch keypad

3 different dosage pumps: Different dosage pumps for disinfectant, enzymatic and alcohol provides easier adjustment of intended ratios according to the operating programme

Double leakage control system: Has ability to double control in solution and by manometer

Bacteriostatik protection by UV lamp (optional)

Electronic counter: Provides counting of washing times

Encryption system: Prevents the changes in program settings by other people except the intended users

Heating system (Optional)

Printer (Optional)


Process time settings:

Washing                         1 sec - 24 hours

Enzymatic cleaning         1 sec – 24 hours

Rimsing 1                      1 sec – 24 hours

Disinfection                    1 sec - 24 hours

Rinsing 2                       1 sec – 24 hours

Air + Alcohol                  1 sec – 24 hours

Process dosing settings:

Concentrated disinfectant     0 – 999 ml

Enzimatic                            0 – 999 ml

Alcohol                                0 – 999 ml

Tank capacities:

Clean water tank                      15 L

Disinfectant 1 tank                   15 L

Disinfectant 2 tank                   15 L

Concentrate disinfectant tank     5 L

Enzymatic tank                         5 L

Alcohol tank                             5 L


One scope:        4 channels

Double scopes:   6 channels

Discharge system:

1 pc behind the machine

5 pcs in front of the machine

Power system: AC 220/230 V 50/60 Hz Max. 200 W 1 A

Weight: 80 kg, 140 kg with pallets

Dimensions: 59x88x111 (W x L x H)