Pulverization Device for Environment Disinfection



With Detro San Air, it is used for disinfection of ground and surface by pulverization in critical areas such as operating room, intensive care, burning unit, infected patient rooms, laboratory and all public areas.


Can be programmed from 1 m3 to 1000 m3

Disinfection time of an area of 50 m3 is only 3 minutes

The room can be used again after 30 minutes of contact time

The disinfectant is sprayed into the room as particles smaller than 5 microns by decomposing into ions

The body is made of ABS and the metal parts are made of 304 stainless steel

The numerical keypad provides programming and starting ease

The printer function (optional) enables automatic output at the end of the process

Has the ability to print 100 retrospective disinfection operations

Thanks to the list function, it has easy operation feature by recording 100 rooms

Shortcut keys allow easy access to lists and program entries

Has a delayed start feature which’s duration can be set

Thanks to the RF remote control, it has the ability to start / stop from 50 - 100 m

Has a pause function during operation

Provides authorized user entry to the setting parts with the password input feature

Has a special heading system positioned at 450

At the beginning and end of the operation, the user is alerted by light and sound

Turkish / English language options

The plastic coated handle provides easy handling and carrying

The particle filter cleans the air entering the system