Active Oxygen Based Multi-Purpose Powder Disinfectant

Area of Use

It is a broad-spectrum disinfectant used in disinfection of animal shelters, hatcheries, transport vehicles, animal foot baths, milk and dairy processing establishments, slaughterhouses, water lines, tanks and disinfection of pre-cleaned equipment in veterinary clinics, hospitals, etc. and cleaning of tools and equipment.

Product Specifications

detroVet PRO-ACTIV  is an environment friendly disinfectant that kills microorganisms by releasing active oxygen due to potassium peroxymonosulfate involved in. This product is fully effective against many types of bacteria, fungi and virus.


Application Dosages;

Pre-dilution should be done before preparing the solution because this is an intensively concentrated product.

General Surface disinfection: It is used by being diluted by 1/100- 1/200.

Equipment: This product is used for cleaning and disinfection of vehicles, feeders, waterers and cages by being diluted by 1/100 by spraying or dipping. Tools should be washed with clean water after the application.

Air disinfection: After placement of the equipment, the product is diluted by the ratios of 1/ 100 – 1/200  and the solution is applied into a building with the volume of 100 m3.

Disinfection of Foot Pools and Vehicle Tire Pools:  The product is applied by being diluted by the ratio of 1/100.  The solution should be renewed every week or just in case there’s contamination in the pool. 

The product is applied after being diluted by the ratio of 1/400 in order to be used for water systems and potable water systems. 

Chemical Composition 

Pentapotassium bis(peroxymonosulphate) bis(sulphate), Organic Acids, Stabilizers, Corrosion Inhibitors
Packing Options
1 Kg. PE Bottle, 5 Kg. PE Bucket, 10 Kg. PE Bucket, 20 Kg. PE Bucket, 50 Kg. PE Barrel

The Product is Manufactured for Export Purposes. It's Not Sold in Turkey

The Product is Manufactured for Export Purposes. It's Not Sold in Turkey