Detro Healthcare

Detro Healthcare Chemical Industries Co. which has been taking place in the sector through know-how and experience gained in many years, presents integrated disinfection solutions within Detrox brand to the service of its clients.

Detrox provides actuality of the knowledge and improvement of both its clients and internal team in terms of hygiene and disinfection subjects through given institutional education


Detrox is a susceptible company to environment in all production phases. All production strategies are fictionalised upon quality, trust and environmental susceptibility.

Our Mission

Improving through integrating R&D, production and sales activites into hygiene and disinfection sector. Covering all product and service expectations of our customers in international standards through the skills and capacity of our company. Performing our activites with giving no harm to neither environment nor nature in step with relative corporations and people. Adding value to national economy. Increasing customer and employee satisfaction. Making contribution to national progress in hygiene and disinfection sectors.

Our Vision

Detrox has assigned growing with its whole team, becoming a clued up brand in international markets through becoming integrated with its clients, increasing its profitability and productivity with whole team as its primary objectives.

As Detrox our main principle is, becoming a company which cares about environment and nature, evaluates human resources carefully and continuesly developing itsself and its products thorugh its performed R&D Studies.

Corporate Culture

Becoming a company open for change and improvement, focused on client and quality, Pioneer and reference, acting with fair and honesty, possesive and renunciative, believing in team work.