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Are you ready to meet at VIV Turkey Fair with Detrovet?

Hello dear professionals of the veterinary industry! We have exciting news for you. As Detro Healthcare Kimya, together with our brand Detrovet, we will be participating in this year’s VIV TURKEY Fair. We specialize in hygiene, disinfection, and fumigation products to ensure biosecurity, providing solutions tailored to the needs of your business. We are thrilled to invite you to the fair and offer you special discount opportunities for bulk purchases!

As Detrovet, we understand how crucial health and hygiene are in the poultry and livestock sectors. We understand your desire to protect the health of animals in your facility, reduce the risk of infection, and increase production efficiency. Therefore, we eagerly look forward to sharing our products with you at the VIV Turkey Fair.

Our Detrovet booth at the fair will have a team ready to welcome you. We will create an environment where you can obtain detailed information about our products, ask questions, and find solutions that meet your needs. By offering discount opportunities for bulk purchases, we aim to contribute to your business budget. With these discounts, you will be able to procure Detrovet’s high-quality products at more affordable prices.

Don’t miss this opportunity by attending the VIV Turkey Fair! Visit our Detrovet booth, meet our team, examine our products up close, and share your needs. We aim to support your business with our expertise in biosecurity, hygiene, disinfection, and fumigation.


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