Detro San HP Wipes

Hydrogen Peroxide Based Disinfecting Wipes for Medical Devices and Equipment
Detro San HP Wipes are alcohol-free disinfection wipes impregnated with a ready-to-use solution of hydrogen peroxide and organic acid. Each wipe is saturated with an alcohol-free solution and fulfils both cleaning and disinfection tasks. It offers a safe cleaning and disinfection solution for a wide range of particularly sensitive medical devices, incubators and probes. Moreover, thanks to its special formula free of alcohol, phenol and aldehyde, it provides effective cleaning and disinfection without damaging sensitive surfaces.

One of the most striking features of Detro San HP Wipes is the softpack packaging. This packaging allows the wipes to be removed quickly and smoothly, so that users can quickly access these practical disinfectant wipes. Detro San HP Wipes is an environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection product for users.

Areas of Use:

Medical equipment such as intensive care unit, incubators, probes, dental units, aerator heads,
Polystyrene, stainless steel, PVC, polycarbonate, ceramic, ABS, silicone, HDPE, rubber, glass equipment/medical devices


Detro San HP Wipes

    Provides effective cleaning and disinfection in one step.
    Does not contain alcohol, aldehyde, phenol, chlorine and peracetic acid.
    Provides effectiveness in a short time with a low amount of hydrogen peroxide.
    It is contained in softpack packaging, so that its use can be carried out quickly and without any problems.
    Its formula containing hydrogen peroxide and organic acid is an environmentally friendly product.
    It does not harm the environment with its biodegradable feature. Wide material compatibility.
    Suitable for use in incubators, probes and alcohol sensitive surfaces and devices.
    It is used on surfaces of polystyrene, stainless steel, PVC, polycarbonate, ceramic, ABS, silicone, HDPE, rubber, glass equipment/medical devices.
    Class II A according to directive 93/42/EEC.


    0,40% Hydrogen peroxide, organic acid

    Microbiological Activity:

    30 seconds bactericidal, fungicidal, 1 minute virucidal, tuberculocidal, sporicidal activity.

    Sufficient amount of wipes are taken according to the size of the equipment to be wiped.

    Apply to the surface/medical device by wiping method.

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