Suitable for the use of products in the form of liquid, spray, gel and foam for hygiene of the hands and skin, in general areas such as home, office, factory, school, and in places wherever healthcare is provided such as hospital, clinic, dental practice, veterinary clinic, laboratory.


Provides the use of different products in liquid, spray, gel, foam form in a single dispenser with 3 different pump options

Adjustable dosing system

1 L disposable or 1 L refillable cartridge options

Cartridge structure that allows the product to be consumed completely

Low battery and decreasing product amount warning with light indicator (automatic dispenser)

100% ABS material resistant to water and chemicals

Transparent acrylic display providing product visibility

Unlocking key that allows easy opening and prevents unauthorized people from reaching the cartridge

Safe to use thanks to smooth and not sharp edges.

Low contamination risk