Hydrogene Peroxide Based Disinfection Wipes for Medical Devices and Equipment


Used in the cleaning and disinfection of medical device surfaces whose disinfection is required in every place where healthcare is provided such as operating theaters, intensive care units, patient care units, newborn units, dental clinics, laboratories. Suitable for the cleaning and disinfection of incubators, aerators used in dentistry, probes and medical devices used in ENT examinations whose disinfection is required.


Ready-to-use product.

Phenol and aldehyde free.

Provides e­ectiveness in a short time with its low percent of hydrogene peroxide.

Safe for patients, healthcare workers, surfaces and the environment thanks to its active ingredients that easily decompose into oxygen and water.

High material compatibility.

Cleaning and disicnfection in one step


%0,40 Hydrogen Peroxide, carboxylic acid and auxiliary materials.


Bactericidal and yeasticidal in 30 seconds, virucidal, mycobactericidal  in 1 minute


The product is in the form of solution impregnated wipes.

Apply by wiping method to surface of medical devices, so that there is no remaining dry area on the surface.


100 PCS X 12

What is hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals that has a wide range of applications. With its acidic specification formula, it is preferred in many different areas, from cleaning to production facilities. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the chemicals used in the manufacturing process of disinfectant. It is also included in Detrox formulas as one of the most frequently preferred products for hygiene.

Which Products contain hydrogen Peroxide?

Among the disinfectant types within our brand, you can find products that contain hydrogen peroxide. It is possible to provide a fast and easy disinfection experience with these products that can be both in the form of a solution and a disinfecting tissue. The special formula, which does not contain phenol and aldehyde, was introduced in accredited laboratories, especially in which it does not damage surfaces such as PVC, HDPE, stainless steel. 0.4% Hydrogen Peroxide content and bacterisidal and fungisidal in 30 sec, viral at 1 min, micobacterisidal activity at 5 min were tested.

How is hydrogen Peroxide used as disinfectant?

The use of hydrogen peroxide is very common among disinfectants. The use of our products that combine special formulas can differentiate between models. Concentrated products can be prepared by following the recommended dilution steps. You can also find spray forms ready for use with our brand assurance.

Areas of use of hydrogen Peroxide products?

the use of hydrogen peroxide products is very broad. It can be used for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices used in areas where health care, such as operating rooms, intensive care units, patient care services, dental clinics, neonatal care units, and for examinations of aerators, probes and ear-nose throat used in the outpatient clinic. At the same time, polyclinics, special medical centers and practice offices where clinical examinations are maintained are common areas of disinfecting products.** you will be 100% satisfied with efficient cleaning and disinfection, unlike the Ecolab Incidin Oxywipe, Diversey Oxivir, Acto Oxy Wipes, and the Detro San HP wipe and spray form.

Hydrogen Peroxide-based Disinfection Product Specifications?

Hydrogen peroxide disinfectant variants are one of the cleaning-qualified options. In addition to the forms that are ready for use, concentrated options are available. This product is highly material-matched, so you can choose it to clean a wide range of different areas. The formula in its content is one of the safe options for personnel health as it is easily divided into oxygen and water.

It is one of the areas where disinfection and hygiene are not to be compromised in the event of health. High cleaning standards are not only essential for health care organizations. Protection can be provided by choosing disinfectant variants to provide hygiene in all schools, factories, manufacturing facilities, shopping malls and public areas.