Concentrated Dental Cleaning Solution


Detro Dent is used at cleaning of instruments made from stainless steel. It is highly effective at clenaing cement and alginate residues. It makes the surgical instruments shiny when used regularly. It doesn´t release any irritant odour even at temperatures higher than 60 0C. It makes a great success even on cleaning hard chemicals like ojenol and sticking cement.


Concentrated product.
High material compatibility.
Effective in the cleaning inorganic soils (cement etc.) used in dental units.
Perfroms the cleaning at 5 minutes at 40 – 60 0C in ultrasonic devices.
It eliminates the scraping process used to clean cement residues.
Extends the life of the materials.


Nonionic surfactant, organic acid, corrosion inhibitor, emulsifier, deionised water


The product is used by deiluting at the appropriate concentration. The ready to use solution is poured into an ultrasonic cleaner.

All tools are immersed in the solution.

It is effective in 5 minutes in the ultrasonic cleaner.

After the clenaing process the instruments must be rinsed.

The solution can be used at least one week according to dirtiness level.


4 X 5 L