Peracetic Acid Based High Level Medical Instrument and Endoscope Disinfectant


Detro PAA 2200 is used for high-level disinfection of general surgery, anesthesia and dental surgical instruments made of stainless steel, rigid and flexible endoscopes, medical instruments made of plastic, silicone, glass, acrylate, rubber and rubber. It is suitable for use in high-level disinfection of medical instruments resistant to heat.


Ready to use.
It is prepared by mixing base and activator.
It provides a high level of disinfection.
Solution life is 21 days.
It does not contain aldehyde and phenol.
Efficiency measurement is done with test strips.
Comply with 93/42 EEC medical device directive class IIb


Detro PAA 2200 baseHydrogen peroxide, stabilizer, excipients
Detro PAA 2200 activator:N-acetylcaprolactam, n-methyl pyrroidone, excipients
Active substance:2200 ppm peracetic acid formed by reaction with mixing base and activator


Bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal, virucidal, sporicidal in 5 minutes


The entire Detro PAA 2200 activator bottle is poured into the Detro PAA 2200 base canister. The container containing the two items is closed again and shaken well.

The working solution is ready to use after 10 minutes.

Medical devices (medical instruments), pre-cleaned and rinsed, are immersed in the solution to fill the surface and all cavities and are waited for the duration of action.

After the duration of action, medical devices (medical instruments) are rinsed with sterile or distilled water.

After activating Detro PAA 2200, its effectiveness is checked with test strips. The solution is not used if the peracetic acid content falls below 900 ppm.

The activated working solution can be used for 21 days when stored in a closed disinfection tub.

Instruments should not be left in the solution longer than the action time specified in the instructions for use.

It should not be used for nickel, chrome, coated and aluminum materials.


4 X 5 L