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Medical Tool Care Products



What are Medical Tool Care Products?

Medical tool care products are preferred for the maintenance of metal tools used in medical and dental operations. The Detro Lube series is specifically designed for these operations. The formula, also known as a medical tool lubricant, supports stains and corrosion prevention of tools. with a formula containing pharmaceutical white oil, you can maintain your metal tools, including dental tool maintenance.

How to maintain a Medical Tool?

Provides more protection for your tools when medical tool maintenance is performed regularly. It covers your tools, such as a thin film, to help reduce corrosion and wear. You can apply to your cleaning and maintenance habits in different ways of application for manual and automatic washing. With the form of spray and can, you can take specific steps to your maintenance. You can easily maintain your surgical tools used in dental, medical and veterinary medicine.

What does the Medical Tool Lubricant Maintenance Product do?

The surgical tool lubricant is valuable for longer life of your maintenance product tools. It provides a protective coating on your medical equipment to help prevent wear over time. It also supports a bright, clean look, so you can make your tools more hygienic. Surgical tool maintenance is valuable for your equipment to perform on the first day. By regularly utilizing surgical tool lubricant care products, you can maintain a clean and hygienic experience for all operations.