Antiseptic Liquid Hand Soap


detro®Vet HEXIDIN is an antiseptic liquid hand soap proper to be used for hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis in areas such as surgery rooms, intensive care units, dental treatment units and patient care rooms and also for patient body cleaning before surgery, to be protected against the risk of infection both by the patient and the medical staff.


detro®Vet HEXIDIN is a liquid hand soap which provides hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis.
Besides it has high level of compatibility with skin health, it provides a long term effect after application due to Chlorhexidinegluconate.
It also provides an easy way of use due to its special apparatus.


Chlorhexidinedigluconate, Softeners and Auxiliary Agents


For hygienic hand antisepsis, before and after each medical operation and contact with the patient that may cause infection, 5 ml (1 shot) of product is taken into hands, then they should be rubbed to each other for 1 minute and finally rinsed.

For surgical hand antisepsis 10 ml (2 shots) of product is taken into hands, then they should be rubbed to each other for 2 minutes and finally rinsed.


1 L PE Bottle, 5 L PE Drum, 10 L PE Drum, 20 L PE Drum, 1.000 L IBC Tank

The Product is Manufactured for Export Purposes. It’s Not Sold in Turkey

What does chlorhectine Glukonat do?

Chlorhectine glukonate is one of the disinfectant and antiseptic types used in surgical cleaning and sterilization. It is a product that can be used for live tissue and equipment cleaning and is a favorite option. You can use it to provide hygiene in your hands or surgical equipment. It provides high levels of antimicrobial activity, contributing to the destruction of bacteria, viruses and fungi. It is also preferable for medical treatments with the formula that can be found in gargle types among medicines. You can use it with peace of mind to ensure cleanliness in your institution and to protect your health.

What are the Glukonat Usage areas of chlorhectine?

The use of chlorhectile is a very common chemical. You can see it in the periodontology flame in dentistry, in the area and in the disinfecting of the environment, in areas such as cleaning the skin before surgery. Because chlorhectile has antiseptic properties, it is also preferable to clean living tissue. With antiseptic soap from Detro Hexidin, you can protect your hands. It contains a positive load of oil to prevent damage to your hands. It helps to ensure that bacteria, fungi and viruses are removed from your skin from the moment of use.
Proper use of disinfectants is important to protect both health and your patient. With our formulas that demonstrate high antimicrobial activity, you can keep hygiene standards high in your organization. With skin-compatible antiseptic options, you can create healthy conditions for surgical initiatives, physical examinations and looks.


Properties of Chlorheksidin Glukonat Products are one of our products used with the chlorhectine glukonat special title. You can get effective results by choosing different packaging and quantities to shop for your needs. It provides a clean-up that can be used not only in clinics, dentists, veterinary clinics, laboratories, but also in your daily life. You can use it to provide cleaning in different areas, such as homes, factories, schools, shelters, nursing homes, etc. Especially if you have a patient who has a disease in your home, you can get help from disinfectants to protect your health.