Acidic Galactite And Anti-Lime Agent For Milking Equipment


It is proper to be used in in farms and milking facilities.


This is an acidic product used for cleaning of deposits and remnants caused by galactite and hardness of water in milking systems in milk industry.
Hot acidic washings should be applied regularly following drying after acidic washing.


Phosphoric Acid, Corrosion Inhibitors and Deionized Water.


detroVet AC-20 should be applied regularly after alkaline washing.

For routine cleaning of galactite / residues and CIP milking systems;

Amount of product of 50 ml-150 ml is mixed in 10 Liters of water manually or by using of dosing unit depending on the hardness of water for at least once or twice a month.

300-500 ml of product should be added into 10 Liters of water depending on the intensity when hard galactite and residue are subject to cleaning.

After washing, an effective rinsing should be performed by clean and cold water and then the system should be dried out thoroughly.


1 L PE Bottle, 5 L PE Drum, 10 L PE Drum, 20 L PE Drum, 1.000 L IBC Tank

The Product is Manufactured for Export Purposes. It’s Not Sold in Turkey