Low Foaming Alkali Chlorinated Detergent Disinfection For Milking Equipment


This product is used in farms and food premises for cleaning for milking machinery.


detroVet ALKADES is a low foaming chlorinated alkali detergent disinfectant proper to be used in water at any hardness level for manual, CIP and spraying washing applications in milking industry.
detroVet ALKADES can also be used one-stage cleaning of milk acceptance units in dairies and farms.


Sodium Hypochloride, Potassium Hydroxide, Stabilizers, Complex Makers, Deionized Water.


It is used in CIP and spray washing applications at 0.5 – 2% w/w concentrations at temperatures from room temperature to 50°C and the contact time will vary depending on the application and the degree of soiling.

After use, the solutions should be rinsed thoroughly to remove them from all surfaces that come into contact with food and drink.

An effective pre-rinse must be done before use.


1 L PE Bottle, 5 L PE Can, 10 L PE Can, 20 L PE Can, 1,000 L IBC Tank

The Product is Manufactured for Export Purposes. It’s Not Sold in Turkey