Detrovet Alkafoam

Alkaline Based Foaming Concentrated Detergent

Detrovet Alkafoam is the ideal solution for effective foam cleaning. It shows a strong effect against dirt, grease and protein residues, while at the same time it has a wide use in the veterinary sector. Detrovet Alkafoam stands out as an alkaline based foamy concentrated detergent. It is designed to be easily applied to all spraying equipment and foam guns to provide foamy cleaning.


Coops Stables
Animal Shelters, Hatcheries
Veterinary Clinics,
Surfaces, tools and equipment of buildings such as food establishments


Detrovet Alkafoam

    Effectively removes organic, inorganic dirt and residues.
    Dissolves fats and proteins with a strong effect, forming a stable foam on the surface.
    Provides effective solution in hard and soft water.
    After a good rough cleaning, the product should be applied to the area.
    It can be easily applied with all foam guns and spraying equipment.
    Do not mix with acidic detergents and disinfectants.
    Detrovet Alkafoam is presented in an easy-to-use and practical packaging.


    5%-15% (w/w) Potassium hydroxide, nonionic active substances, auxiliary substances

    Depending on the pollution level, it can be used by diluting at a concentration of 0.25% -1%.

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