Iodine Based Pre-Milking Teat Care Disinfectant Equipment 

Usage Areas

It is used directly before milking to prevent the risk of udder to udder transmission and mastitis formation.

Product Properties

It is a hygienic teat care solution which blocks mastitis used directly before milking.
It blocks probable infections and provides extra protection due to rapid invasion of iodine involved in the product.
It prevents the contamination risk of infection between teats.
It increases milk productivity and quality.


Povidone iodine, glycerin, other moisturizers, axuiliary substances, deionized water.


Udder of the animal is covered with foam by foaming appropriate foam when applied with spray gun. After remaining for a few seconds, udders are cleaned and dried. This process should be applied before every milking. It must be made sure of using refreshed solution for each application.


12x1L, 4x5L, 2x10L, 1x20L