Detrovet Forte

Aldehyde and QAC Based Concentrated Disinfectant
Our product, which stands out with its intense formula, provides high level disinfection with the synergistic effect of glutaraldehyde and QAC combination. It has a wide range of applications from surfaces to equipment, from vehicles to foot pools.

It offers bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effects with 15% (w/w) Glutaraldehyde and 10% (w/w) alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride content in our formula. It is extremely practical to use; it can be applied by diluting in concentrations between 0.25% and 0.50%.

This effective disinfectant should not be mixed with alkaline substances. Designed to maximise hygiene standards and to be used safely in various areas, our product attracts attention with its intense formula and wide application possibilities.


Coops Stables, Animal Shelters, Hatcheries, Veterinary Clinics, Surfaces, tools and equipment of buildings such as food establishments


Detrovet Forte

    It is an intensive disinfectant that is effective in a wide spectrum with the synergistic effect of the combination of glutaraldehyde and QAC.


    15% (w/w) Glutaraldehyde, 10% (w/w) Alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride, auxiliaries


    Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal.

    It can be used by diluting at a concentration between 0.25%-0.50%.

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