Water Systems Disinfections





What Are Drinking Water Disinfecting Products?

Drinking water disinfection is a health critical process. You can find healthy conditions with special formulas that can disinfect both the drinking water of animals and people. You can do more than one operation with Detro San Chlor DT, the only product, thanks to the formulas you can use not only as a drinking water disinfectant, but also for cleaning the environment. You can choose from many different areas, including animal shelters, incineraries, foot baths, meat and milk processing facilities, veterinary clinics, dunes, chicken farms, hospital and equipment cleaning.

What Is Water Disinfection?

The purpose of water disinfection is to kill pathogen microorganisms that cause water-borne diseases. Detro San Chlor DT, Detrovet Peroxy, Detrovet Silverox for water disinfection. The correct way our products are prepared is described in the heading how they are used. You can easily find the proper way to prepare the products you have ordered.

How Do You Disinfect Mains Water?

Disinfecting mains water can be done with many products in our range. Products with different formulas such as Detrovet Silverox, Detrovet Peroxy, Detro San Chlor DT are preferable for disinfection of water. You can do a comprehensive disinfection with the Detro San Chlor DT product, which you can choose especially in swimming and pond.
With the next generation formula you can choose for warehouse disinfecting and cleaning, you can get help from Detrovet Peroxy in many places, from your equipment to foot pools.