Why Environment Disinfectant?

Environment Disinfectant; It is the name given to the chemical substances used in the disinfection of hospitals, schools, kindergartens, clinics, sports halls and public areas where all kinds of activities are held. Of course, when chemicals are involved, acquiring more knowledge about this subject enables us to make more conscious and correct decisions when using disinfectants or disinfecting the environment we are in.

In this article, in order to instil this awareness in you, we answer questions like; What is the Importance of Environment Disinfectant? How Should a Good Environment Disinfectant Be? What kind of An Interaction Does Environment Disinfectant and Airborne Disinfection Device Have? for you.

What is the Importance of Environment Disinfectant?

In addition to increasing sociality with the interaction power of public areas, it is known that they also cause major epidemics due to the germs and infections they spread. No matter how much we protect ourselves in such environments, we somehow catch the disease and this indirectly affects everyone around us. The most recent example of this is the Covid-19 outbreak.

The importance of environmental disinfectants, which are used to prevent such outbreaks and to make environments with increased risk more reliable, is still not fully understood.

When asked; So Why Ambient Disinfectant? to answer this;

  •  It causes damage to the cell wall and cell membrane of microorganisms in the area where it is used with the chemical compounds it contains. With this damage, these microorganisms, whose DNA structure is disrupted, become ineffective. 
  • Disinfectants also prevent the growth of microorganisms.
  • Some of them also have the power to adversely affect the cell structure of these microorganisms.

If we explain its importance in general, they play an important role in preventing epidemics by neutralising harmful microorganisms that threaten public health and cause disease. 

How Should a Good Environment Disinfectant Be?

When it comes to disinfection of an environment, of course, disinfectants come to mind first. These substances, which have many brands and derivatives in the market with their chemical powers and components, should have certain standards with the effects they will create in the areas where they are used. Here’s what we need to know for an ideal environment disinfectant;

  • Must be effective against all harmful microorganisms
  • Should not harm the environment and human health
  • Should have no odour
  • It should not damage the environments and surfaces to which it is applied
  • It should be easily soluble in contact with water
  • Price should be affordable and effective


What kind of An Interaction Does Environment Disinfectant and Airborne Disinfection Device Have?

It is an undeniable fact that machines make our lives easier. They provide us with many advantages in terms of both time and physical fatigue. When we use the environment disinfectant together with the airborne disinfection device, we can list the benefits they will provide us as follows;

  • Since we will stay away from the disinfection environment with the remote control system, personnel and our own health will not be adversely affected.
  • When the device and disinfectant are used at the same time, it is ensured that the disinfectant penetrates homogenously into the area to be applied.
  • It is ensured that the disinfection process is realised by reaching the most difficult points to reach in all kinds of environments such as medical areas, nurseries, schools, public transport areas, animal shelters, poultry farms.
  • With chemical substances that do not contain aldehyde and phenol, factors that may adversely affect human health are eliminated.
  • With the solution content, micro-organisms are quickly neutralised.


Detro Air Spray, whose R&D and production is made by Detrox, especially with the pandemic that affects the whole world, is a product that is in serious demand in different sectors as well as in the health sector. It is used in the disinfection of many different environments such as operating theatres, newborn, intensive care areas, laboratories, dental units, schools, veterinary clinics, food establishments. It performs high-level disinfection process with its special pulvarisation method in the form of dry steam without damaging any object around it; and performs in an environmentally friendly way with its solution containing Hydrogen Peroxide and colloidal silver without leaving residue, moisture and wetness.