Airbone Disinfection in Dental Sector: Powerful Protection with Hydrogen Peroxide

Creating a sterile and hygienic working environment in the dental sector is a basic requirement for healthcare professionals and patients. In this context, the hydrogen peroxide-based media disinfectant, combined with the Detro Air Spray device, offers an effective disinfection method. Here are the highlights of the Detro Air Spray airborne disinfection device and disinfectants:

Why Hydrogen Peroxide?

Wide Spectrum of Action: Hydrogen peroxide has a broad spectrum of action on bacteria, viruses and fungi, providing effective destruction of microorganisms.

Material Compatibility: Detro Air Spray is designed to be compatible with Detro San Air solution containing hydrogen peroxide. In this way, disinfection processes using the device are carried out without damaging the materials used.

– Ready to use, non-toxic.

– Does not contain aldehyde and phenol.

– With its environmentally friendly formula, it leaves no residue, moisture and wetness on the surface.

Detro Air Spray Airborne Disinfection Device:

– Compatible Working Areas: Detro Air Spray has a wide range of uses from different medical areas such as hospitals, laboratories, dental clinics to offices, homes and public places.

– Fast and Effective Results: The device provides fast and effective results in the fight against microorganisms. Light and audible warnings at the end of the process allow you to easily follow the disinfection process.

– Usage Features: Provides ease of use with remote control. Lightweight, easily transportable.

– Retrospective Tracking System: Detro Air Spray provides retrospective tracking with automatic printout after each process. This allows you to continuously monitor the standards of disinfection processes.

Create Safe Working Areas with Detro Air Spray:

Detro Air Spray is the ideal solution for maximising hygiene standards in the dental sector and creating safe working areas. Compatible with hydrogen peroxide-containing disinfectant solution, this device stands out with its practical use and effective results. Choose Detro Air Spray to meet the disinfection standards of your organisation and guarantee a healthy working environment.

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