Airborne Disinfection Device

Detro Air Spray airbone disinfection device has a wide range of applications and can be used effectively especially in places where medical procedures take place, such as hospitals, operating rooms, laboratories and private clinics. However, it is not only limited to these areas, but can also be preferred in many different area such as schools, factories, offices, homes and public areas.

The device offers the flexibility to make different adjustments according to the size of the area to be used, so you can easily achieve the required level of disinfection in every area. You can follow the disinfection process thanks to the light and sound alerts given during the process.

Detro Air Spray ensures that rooms are fit for use within 60 minutes after treatment is complete. It also offers options such as pause and delayed start during the process, allowing you to manage indoor disinfection according to your plans.

Among the features of the device is the ability to operate in different volumes from 1m³ to 1000m³. In this way, you can make choices according to the features of the area you prefer. Detro Air Spray devices help you maintain your hygiene standards in areas where you want to achieve fast and effective results.

Detro Air Spray airbone disinfection device is an ideal solution to meet your organization’s disinfection standards and create safe work areas with a traceable system by offering retrospective tracking. You can find detailed information in our user manual and product page.

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