What Does Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants Do?

Surface cleaners and disinfectants is indispensable for the hygiene of areas where medical procedures are applied. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of different areas such as homes, factories, schools, offices, public transport vehicles, as well as for use in examining offices and operating theatres. Thanks to its antimicrobial activity in a short time, you can achieve effective cleaning and disinfection with surface disinfectant.

What is the Importance of Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants?

Surface disinfection is one of the areas of health importance. Especially in hospitals and clinics, it protects both healthcare personnel and patients from infections. Alcohol-based surface disinfectant is among the most preferred formulas for general cleaning in these areas.

You can provide a hygienic place with formulas such as Akaspray, Detro Spray, which contain different amounts of alcohol, which you can use not only in clinics, operating theatres, intensive care units, doctor’s offices, dental clinics, laboratories, but also in your home, school, workplace. In times when such infections can be common and dangerous, such as seasonal infections, immunodeficiency, chronic diseases, such formulas can be a saviour thanks to their antimicrobial activity.

How to Choose a Suitable Disinfectant for Surface Disinfection?

When choosing a surface disinfectant, you can make specialized choices according to the application area, material and size of the process area. Spray, wipe, canister solution formats allow you to make different choices according to your area of use and your needs. Are you looking for a product that does not contain alcohol and will not damage the surface? Detro San Af Wipes can be ideal for single-use quick solutions. You can use them in both wipe and spray forms for regular cleaning and small tasks where you are looking for quick solutions. With Detro San HP Spray containing hydrogen peroxide, you can provide a rapid disinfection on the surface with bactericidal and fungicidal activity in 30 seconds, virucidal and mycobactericidal activity in 1 minute. Try this product, which has high material compatibility with both wipes and spray form, with confidence.

What are the Process Stages of Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants?

Medical device disinfection should not be forgotten while performing surface cleaners and disinfectants processes. It is important that biological macro wastes are cleaned while cleaning the environment. You can produce quick solutions with forms suitable for cleaning dried or accumulated dirt. When choosing formulas that can be applied by spraying, such as Detro San Air, an unmanned environment should be provided. It protects hygiene by ensuring the destruction of microorganisms. The process steps may vary depending on the type of tool and surface disinfectant you prefer. You can find information on how to use your products on our product page.

What are Disinfectant Products for Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants?

Surface cleaners and disinfectants are produced in many different forms. You can make a choice in line with your needs with options such as spray, wipe, ambient spray, solution form. Detro Spray, one of the surface spray options, can help you in smaller areas such as dental clinics or offices. In larger areas such as operating rooms and hospitals, you can consider high volume or concentrated product options. You can find the ideal disinfection products for the hygiene of the areas you prefer for medical procedures or daily use on our website. Detrox is with you in every area for clean and hygienic areas!

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