DETROVET: Quality and Reliable Solutions in Veterinary Hygiene and Disinfection 

DETROVET, our company’s brand under the veterinary category, offers specialised solutions for animal health. This category includes various sub-categories such as foamy surface cleaners, surface disinfectants, water system disinfectants, fumigation, personnel & office disinfectants and hygiene products designed for veterinary clinics and farms. DETROVET products are produced to protect animal health and keep veterinary environments hygienic.


DETROVET foaming surface cleaners are specially formulated for use in veterinary clinics and farms. These cleaners effectively remove organic and inorganic residues from surfaces.


DETROVET water system disinfectants have been developed to improve the quality of drinking water for animals and to clean water systems. Their special formulations are designed to be compatible with various water hardnesses. These products contribute to a hygienic water consumption of animals.


DETROVET staff & office disinfectants are specially produced to ensure the hygiene of office areas and staff in veterinary clinics. In addition, these products offer effective cleaning solutions that can be used for office equipment and various surfaces.

Why Should DETROVET Products be Preferred? 

DETROVET brand stands out with the reliable and effective solutions it provides in the veterinary sector. Our products are developed for sector-specific needs and manufactured in accordance with quality standards. DETROVET is a reliable business partner for veterinary clinics and farms, prioritising animal health.


DETROVET – Question and Answer

QUESTION 1: On which surfaces can I use DETROVET foam surface cleaners? 

ANSWER: DETROVET foaming surface cleaners can be used in veterinary clinics and farms on a wide range of surfaces, from examination tables to equipment to surfaces. Our products are specially formulated to provide effective cleaning on a variety of surfaces.

QUESTION 2: How do DETROVET water system disinfectants work and how do they improve the quality of drinking water for animals?

ANSWER: DETROVET water system disinfectants improve the drinking water quality of animals by cleaning and disinfecting water systems.

QUESTION 3: In which areas can DETROVET personnel & office disinfectants be used? 

ANSWER: DETROVET staff & office disinfectants are specially designed to ensure hygiene of office areas, waiting rooms and staff of veterinary clinics. It also provides an effective cleaning solution for office equipment.

QUESTION 4: Why are DETROVET products ideal for veterinary clinics?

ANSWER: DETROVET products have been developed to meet the specific needs of veterinary clinics. Our high-quality formulations and industry-specific solutions focus on animal health and maximise hygiene standards.

QUESTION 5: What advantages do DETROVET foam surface cleaners have? 

ANSWER: DETROVET foamy surface cleaners contribute to hygiene by leaving a pleasant odour as well as providing effective cleaning. It can also be used safely on various surfaces.

QUESTION 6: How should DETROVET water system disinfectants be applied?

ANSWER: DETROVET water system disinfectants should be applied following the instructions on the product. It can usually be applied by adding to the water system or by spraying.

QUESTION 7: Are DETROVET personnel & office disinfectants safe?

ANSWER: Yes, DETROVET personnel & office disinfectants are safe and effective. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the standards required to ensure hygiene and prioritise the safety of users.

QUESTION 8: Where can DETROVET products be obtained? 

ANSWER: DETROVET products are available through our authorised dealers. You can easily access our products through the official website of our company .

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