Detrodent: The Health Pioneer for Your Dental Instruments

Dental health is the most important aspect of hygiene, and this includes the cleaning and care of not only the teeth, but also the dental instruments used. At Detrodent, we support dentists and their patients for a healthy smile with our portfolio of dental instrument cleaning and care products.

Step into Healthy Smiles with Detrodent:

Powerful Cleaning Daily Routine: Detrodent’s effective formula powerfully cleans your dental instruments after each use.

Special Formulations Cleaning: With its special formulations, Detrodent thoroughly cleans the surfaces of your dental instruments and effectively removes residues.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: The ultrasonic cleaning devices supported by Detrodent and special cleaning products that can be used in the device clean your dental instruments with vibrations, eliminating residues in hard-to-reach areas.

Optimum Performance and Long Life: Detrodent maintenance oils lubricate motorised dental instrument heads at regular intervals, ensuring optimum performance and long life.

Detrodent is a strong ally to keep your dental instruments safe for a healthy smile. You can visit the Detrox website for more information about our products and to raise your health standards.

Detrodent is with you every step of the way for healthy smiles!

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