Detro Lube

Lubricant Care Product for Medical Instruments
Detro Lube is a lubricant and maintenance product specially formulated for the maintenance of metal instruments used in the medical and dental sector. It helps to maintain hygienic conditions by preventing staining and rusting, as well as prolonging the proper functioning and life of the instruments. It offers an excellent option for the maintenance of instruments with automatic washing machines or manual processes. This product effectively prevents staining and rusting of instruments. It also creates a thin protective film on the surface of medical instruments, providing long-term protection and helping the joints to move smoothly.

Detro Lube contains pharmaceutical white oil; it does not adversely affect the sterilization process as it does not contain silicone or its derivatives. The product is effective even at very low concentrations, making it economical. It saves time with its easy use that does not require additional processing.


Detro Lube is a manufacturer of metal surgical instruments used in the medical and dental fields, either manually or by machine.
Manual or attached to a surgical instrument washing machine


Detro Lube

    It is a concentrated product.
    Prevents staining and rusting of instruments.
    Provides effective protection by forming a thin film layer on the surface of medical instruments. Provides comfortable movement of the joints.
    Contains pharmaceutical white oil.
    Does not affect sterilisation as it does not contain silicone and derivatives. It prolongs the life of the instruments by preventing abrasion.
    It is super concentrated and very economical to use.
    It saves time as it does not require additional maintenance.


    Medical white oils, non-ionised surfactants.

    In automatic washing machines at a concentration of 0.03 % (0.3 g per litre of rinse water), For manual use, it is used at a concentration of 0.5% (5 mL per 1 L of water).

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