What is Endoscopy Washing and Disinfection Device?

Endoscopy washing and disinfection device allows high-level disinfection of your endoscopes that you use for imaging and treatment purposes. It is specially prepared for the disinfection of the most preferred endoscope device and equipment in medical treatment and imaging. Thanks to these tools that provide automatic cleaning and disinfection, you can ensure that your devices are ready for use again.

How to Disinfect Endoscope Devices?

Disinfection of endoscope devices can be done manually or automatically. You can choose specialised formulas such as Detro Enzym cleaning solution for manual cleaning. You can achieve hygienic conditions with the enzymatic cleaning method based on the principle of breaking down and purifying biological wastes with enzymes. You can also choose products specially designed for high-level disinfection such as Detro OPA, Detro PAA 2200 and Detro PAA 1500.

You can get help from automatic disinfection machines in institutions that are frequently used and where the cycle is intense. With automatic devices known as Detro Wash series, you can provide cleaning and disinfection with a single button. Thanks to its structure that prepares a concentrated new solution in each washing cycle, you can maintain the disinfection standards of your equipment. With two endoscope washing functions at the same time, you can achieve faster and more practical results and save money while disinfecting endoscopy. Thanks to the self-disinfection mechanism, you can continue repeated cleaning and disinfection processes without wasting time with the cleaning of your disinfection device.

Endoscopy Washing and Disinfection Device Features

Cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes, which are frequently preferred in your imaging and medical treatment procedures, is very important. Detrowash washing and disinfection device is indispensable in institutions where these procedures are performed. Although the features of the devices may vary according to the models, they have common features.

*Automatic Leakage Test

The device continuously performs leakage test during disinfection. In case of leakage detection in endoscopes, it stops disinfection and warns you by draining the liquid in the reservoir. Thus, it protects both device safety and user and patient health by detecting small leaks that we cannot detect when the endoscopes are dirty during the cleaning and disinfection process.

*Flow Sensor

The device controls liquid flows through flow sensors. In this way, when there is a problem in the liquids going to the endoscopes, the system detects this and stops disinfection by warning. Thus, it ensures that the disinfection is done correctly by detecting the cases where the disinfection is not realised or incomplete due to the stopping of the cycle.

* Automatic Cover System:

The automatic opening and closing cover system works with the foot pedal on the device. Thanks to this feature, you can prevent your risk of contamination by reducing the contact while placing or removing the endoscope to the device. At the same time, unauthorised users are prevented from accessing the endoscope during disinfection.

*Concentrated Single Use Disinfection:

The disinfectant used differs according to the models of endoscope washing and disinfection devices. Detrowash 6000-8000 Series prepares a new disinfectant solution based on peracetic acid for each washing and disinfection cycle. The prepared solution is used in that cycle and sent to waste. Thus, you ensure patient safety by using uncontaminated new disinfectant for each patient.

*Traceability with Barcode

The device has user and endoscopes barcoding feature. Thus, you can monitor which endoscope was disinfected by which user in which cycle and when. You can control this information from the computer via printer output or ethernet connection.

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