Personel&Office Disinfectans And Hygiene

In the veterinary sector, cleanliness and disinfection of animal areas, control and sustainability of biosecurity programmes are very important. These programmes are implemented to prevent the emergence and minimise the spread of diseases. In particular, most of the spread of infectious diseases occurs through human-animal contact. Below are more details on personal area and surface disinfection products used as part of your complementary disinfection programme:

Personal Area Disinfectants:

Hand Antiseptics: Effective hand antiseptics are used to ensure that the hands of veterinary staff are regularly disinfected. This helps to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

Clothing Disinfectants: Regular disinfection of veterinary clothing prevents potential contamination and reduces risks to animal health.

Surface Disinfectants:

Working Tables and Equipment: Table surfaces and equipment used in veterinary offices are regularly cleaned and disinfected with special surface cleaners and disinfectants.

Hospital and Practice Environments: Areas where animals receive treatment or care are disinfected with special disinfectants. This minimises the risk of disease spread.

It helps to control infectious diseases.

Education and Awareness Raising:

Veterinary staff and employees are regularly trained and made aware of hygiene rules. This ensures the sustainability of correct disinfection practices.

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