Hydrogen peroxide active is one of the most preferred disinfectants for disinfection of the environment. Thanks to the Detro Air Spray device and its accompanying solution, you don’t need to be present to carry out your operations. This effective disinfection solution can be used not only in medical areas such as laboratories, operating rooms and hospitals, but also in a wide range of applications such as homes, offices, bureaus, schools and public buildings.

Its special formula provides hygienic conditions by effectively removing harmful microorganisms from the environment. Disinfection of every critical area is provided by spraying method.

Hydrogen peroxide does not leave residue, moisture and wetness with its bio-soluble and environmentally friendly formula. It is non-toxic. It does not cause corrosion on the surface and has a wide material compatibility.

Detro San Air airborne disinfection device, which works in perfect compatibility with Detro Air Spray disinfectant, offers excellent solutions for disinfection.

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