How to Disinfect the Environment?

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most preferred methods for environmental disinfection. With your device that you can use with Detro Air Spray solution, you can perform your procedures without the need to be in the environment. It can be preferred in places where medical procedures such as laboratories, operating theatres, hospitals are frequent, as well as in homes, offices, offices, schools and public buildings.  You can provide hygienic conditions with the formula that eliminates harmful microorganisms from the environment.

It is explained in detail in the user manual of these devices, also known as ambient and environmental disinfectant. You can also see tips on how to use the product on the product’s introduction page. You can get a report after each transaction with the printer feature that offers a tracking system for the standardisation of your transactions. With its easy and practical system, it is possible to easily ensure the disinfection of your workplace.

How do the Ambient Disinfectant Solution and the Ambient Disinfectant Device Work?

The automatic pulvarisation device Detro Air Spray is used with Detro San Air solution, which is specially designed for the device and whose effectiveness has been validated according to EN 17272 standard.

Suitable for disinfection of areas from 1m3 to 1000m3. Thanks to its printer feature, it has the feature of automatic printout after the process. At the same time, traceability of 100 transactions can be provided retrospectively.

With the harmony of the device and the solution, the disinfection solution ensures the destruction of microorganisms by sending the hydrogen peroxide active substance to the environment in the form of small particles of micron size.

What are the Usage Areas of Airborne Disinfection Device?

Airborne disinfection device usage areas are quite wide. You can use it comfortably in places where medical procedures such as hospitals, operating theatres, laboratories, private clinics. At the same time, you can choose it for disinfection in schools, factories, offices, homes and public areas. You can easily provide the required level of disinfection in every place by making different adjustments according to the size of the area you prefer. You can follow the disinfection process thanks to the light and audible warnings given at the beginning and end of the process.

The rooms you process become suitable for use after 30 minutes of contact time. Thanks to its options such as pause and late start during the process, you can make choices in accordance with your plans in the disinfection of indoor spaces. With the Detro San Air formula and the disinfection device you can easily choose, you can create safe working areas by always maintaining your disinfection standards.

Airborne Disinfection Device Features

Airborne Disinfection Device is designed to work for different volumes from 1m3 to 1000m3. You can make the most suitable choice by eliminating these differences according to the characteristics of the area you prefer. You can maintain hygiene with our devices that help you in areas where you want to see fast and effective results. You can easily choose the product you need with our user manual where you can find all the details about our device and the description sections you can review on the product page.

You can meet the disinfection standards of your organisation with Detro Air Spray Ambient Disinfection Device, which offers retrospective tracking.

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