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As DETRODENT, we aim for excellence in dental hygiene and disinfection. We offer products designed to protect the health of our customers and offer our professionals the best working conditions. Our “DENTAL” category includes everything needed to improve the hygiene and safety of products used in the dental sector. Here are the main products in this category:

Instrument Disinfectants: Special disinfectants developed to ensure the hygiene and safety of dental instruments.

Instrument Cleaners and Care Products: Cleaning products designed to increase the durability and prolong the life of dental instruments.

Floor and Surface Disinfectants: Effective solutions for disinfecting floors and surfaces in dental clinics.

Hand and Skin Antiseptics: Hand hygiene plays a critical role in dental procedures. Hand and skin antiseptics protect the hands of healthcare professionals.

Enviroment Disinfection Device and Disinfectant: Devices and disinfectant designed for high-level disinfection of critical areas in dental clinics.

Support Products: Other auxiliary products necessary to make your dental hygiene and disinfection processes more efficient.

As DETRODENT, we aim to be a pioneer in the sector by continuously conducting R&D studies and using the latest technology as well as providing high quality products to our customers. Customer satisfaction and health standards are a priority for us.

Visit our website to learn more and find out more about our dental hygiene solutions. We are here as a trusted partner to protect your health and provide a hygienic working environment.

Detrodent – Question and Answer

Question 1: Why should DETRODENT dental instrument disinfectants be preferred?

DETRODENT dental instrument disinfectants are known for their high efficacy and reliability. They are specially formulated to maximise the hygiene and disinfection of instruments.

Question 2: How do instrument cleaners and care products extend the life of dental instruments?

DETRODENT instrument cleaners and care products make instruments easier to clean and maintain. They prevent rust and corrosion, thus prolonging the life of the instruments.

Question 3: Which DETRODENT surface disinfectants are suitable for dental clinics?

All DETRODENT surface disinfectants are suitable for dental clinics. Each product is specifically designed to hygienic clinical surfaces and destroy microorganisms. Surface disinfectants containing alcohol, quat and hydrogen peroxide are preferred.

Question 4: Why are DETRODENT hand and skin antiseptics important?

DETRODENT hand and skin antiseptics protect the hand hygiene of healthcare professionals. They prevent the spread of microorganisms and promote hygienic working environments.

Question 5: What are DETRODENT environmental disinfection devices for?

DETRODENTenviromentdisinfection devices disinfect microorganisms on surfaces through the air of dental clinics. These devices increase clinical hygiene levels and ensure the safety of patients.

Question 6: What do DETRODENT support products include?

DETRODENT support products include reconstitution, storage and other products that help you optimise your dental disinfection processes.

Question 7: Why should I prefer your DETRODENT products?

DETRODENT specialises in high quality and reliability. Our products comply with international standards and undergo strict inspections. Customer satisfaction and health safety are at the centre of our business.

Question 8: How should I store DETRODENT dental products?

DETRODENT dental products should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Storing the products in accordance with the instructions for use extends the life of the products.

Question 9: How often should enviroment disinfection devices be used?

The frequency of use of enviroment disinfection devices may vary depending on clinic size, hospital flow and hygiene requirements. Generally, the devices are used at regular intervals or as needed.

Question 10: How is the safety and efficacy of DETRODENT products tested?

DETRODENT products are tested in accordance with international standards and legal regulations. The products are subjected to microbiological and hygiene tests in independent laboratories to ensure their effectiveness and reliability.

Question 11: For which types of dental procedures can DETRODENT products be used?

DETRODENT products are used for hygiene and disinfection procedures. These products are suitable for a wide range of dental applications.

Question 12: Are DETRODENT products for professional use only?

No, DETRODENT products do not have to be used only by professionals. These products are suitable for both professional dental clinics and for personal use at home.

Question 13: How can I reach your customer service?

To reach our customer service, you can use the contact details on our website or call our customer service line. We will be happy to answer your questions and requirements.

Question 14: How is the pricing of DETRODENT products done?

Pricing of DETRODENT products may vary depending on product type, quantity and market conditions. For more information, you can get support from customer service.

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