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Our company is an industry leader specialising in the hygiene and sterilisation of products used in the dental field. We offer a wide range of products aimed at maximising the safety and health of our customers and healthcare professionals. Our “DENTAL” category covers a wide range of products, from instrument disinfectants to skin antiseptics. Here are the main products you can find under this category:

Instrument Disinfectants: Specially formulated disinfectants to maintain the hygiene of dental instruments. Keeps your instruments clean and safe.

Instrument Cleaners and Care: Cleaning products specially developed to increase the durability and extend the life of your dental instruments.

Floor and Surface Disinfectants: Effective disinfectants to keep the surfaces of dental clinics hygienic.

Hand and Skin Antiseptics: Hand hygiene is critical in the dental environment. These products meet your hand antiseptic needs.

Airborne Disinfection Devices and Disinfectants: Provides high level disinfection in important areas of dental clinics.

Support Products: Other products required to optimise your dental care and disinfection processes.

Our “DENTAL” category helps dental professionals and healthcare facilities to meet the highest hygiene standards. We continuously carry out R&D to provide our customers with reliable and effective products. Health and safety is the main focus of our business. All our products are manufactured and inspected in accordance with international standards.

Visit our website for more information or to place an order. As a partner you can trust to protect your health and hygiene, we are proud to offer you the best products.

Dental – Question and Answer

Question 1: Why are dental instrument disinfectants important?

Answer: Dental instrument disinfectants are used for the disinfection of dental instruments to keep them hygienic. Instruments used in dental procedures can affect the health of patients, so it is important that they are regularly disinfected.

Question 2: What are instrument cleaners and care products?

Answer: Instrument cleaners are specialised products used for the cleaning and care of dental instruments. These products ensure the longevity of the instruments and improve their working performance.

Question 3: Which surface disinfectants are used in dental clinics?

Answer: Surface disinfectants commonly used in dental clinics are specially formulated to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. They maintain the hygiene of examination tables, chairs and other surfaces. Alcohol, quat and hydrogen peroxide are the active ingredients of choice.

Question 4: Why is hand hygiene critical in the dental environment?

Answer: Hand hygiene is vital during dental procedures because germs can be easily transmitted through the hands. Hand and skin antiseptics help healthcare professionals to disinfect their hands.

Question 5: What do ambient disinfection devices do?

Answer: Airborne disinfection devices help dental clinics destroy microorganisms in the air and on surfaces. These devices increase the hygiene levels of clinics and ensure the safety of patients.

Question 6: Which support products optimise dental disinfection processes?

Answer: Support products for optimising dental disinfection processes include dilution, preservation, and more. These products help you maintain your workflow in an organised and efficient manner.

Question 7: What are the advantages of working with you?

Answer: Our company specialises in hygiene and disinfection in the dental field. Our products are manufactured and inspected in accordance with international standards. We constantly carry out R&D studies to provide our customers with reliable and effective products. Health and safety is the main focus of our business.

Question 8: How should dental instrument disinfectants be used?

Answer: Before using dental instrument disinfectants, you should carefully read the product’s instructions for use. Generally, instruments are disinfected after cleaning and left in the disinfectant for a certain period of time. The instruments should then be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

Question 9: Are surface disinfectants safe for dental devices?

Answer: Yes, surface disinfectants are safe for dental devices. These specially formulated disinfectants prevent damage to devices and surfaces. They also prevent the spread of microorganisms.

Question 10: What is the correct use of hand sanitisers?

Answer: When using hand antiseptics, first wash your hands with clean water and soap. Then apply the antiseptic to your hands and rub it in. Continue rubbing until your hands are dry. Follow EN1500 standards for hygienic hand rubbing and EN1499 standards for hygienic hand washing.

Question 12: Why are dental disinfection processes critical?

Answer: Dental disinfection processes are critical to ensure the safety of patients and healthcare professionals. Disinfected instruments and a hygienic environment minimise the risk of infection.

Question 13: Does your company offer customer support services for dental products?

Answer: Yes, customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions about our dental products, our customer support team is happy to assist you.

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