Veterinary Hygiene: Safe Solutions in Animal Health

Our company serves the sector with veterinary hygiene products focusing on animal health. Together with the subcategories under our “Veterinary” category, we offer effective products specially formulated for veterinary clinics, farms and animal care facilities.


In veterinary clinics and farms, surface cleaning is of critical importance. Our foamy surface cleaners provide hygiene of surfaces, equipment, etc. in the veterinary sector with their powerful formulations. With our products that offer effective protection against germs and ease of use, you can maximise cleaning standards in the veterinary sector.


In veterinary hygiene, water system hygiene directly affects the quality of drinking water for animals. Our water system disinfectants, developed to clean the water system and prevent microorganisms, offer a reliable and effective solution.


Hygiene in veterinary clinics and office areas are critical for staff, animals and the environment. Our Personnel & Office disinfectants and hygiene products are designed for use in a wide range of applications, from office equipment to veterinary surgical instruments. Ensuring hygiene and disinfection of staff and keeping the office environment clean improves the quality of veterinary services.

Reliable Animal Health with Veterinary Hygiene

Our products under our veterinary category offer reliable solutions for animal-user- environment hygiene and disinfection. With our product portfolio produced in accordance with the quality standards of our company, you can maximise your hygiene standards in areas such as veterinary clinics and farms and ensure animal health.

Veterinary Hygiene and Disinfection – Question and Answer

Question 1: What advantages do foaming surface cleaners for veterinary use have and how should they be used? 

Advantages: Foaming surface cleaners provide effective cleaning with effective foam feature. Can be used safely on various surfaces. It is important to follow the instructions on the product for correct use.

Question 2: How should water system disinfectants be applied in the veterinary field?

Compatibility and Application: Water system disinfectants are designed to be compatible with different water systems. For the correct use of the product, it is important to apply it according to the instructions for use.

Question 3: How should personnel & office disinfectants be applied in the veterinary field? 

Areas of Use and Application: Personnel & Office disinfectants can be used on a wide range of surfaces from office equipment to various surfaces. It is important to refer to the product’s user manual for correct application.

Question 4: Why are Detrovet hygiene and disinfection products more reliable and effective than other brands? 

Reliability and Effectiveness: Our veterinary hygiene and disinfection products are manufactured in accordance with quality standards and backed by our experience in the industry. There are tests and user feedback to prove that our products are effective and reliable.

Question 5: How do veterinary products contribute to animal health and what are the advantages of regular use?

Contribution and Benefits: Veterinary products offer effective solutions to maintain animal health and prevent disease. Regular use helps to maintain the health of animals and prevent diseases.

Question 6: How should the products to be used for hygiene and disinfection in the veterinary field be selected? 

Product Selection and Compatibility: Product selection for hygiene and disinfection in the veterinary field may vary according to the surface to be used and the product active substance to be preferred. Our company’s products are designed to adapt to special needs in the veterinary field.

Question 7: Why is staff hygiene important for veterinary clinics and which products should we use? 

Personnel Hygiene and Product Selection: Staff hygiene in veterinary clinics is critical for both the health of employees and the safety of patients. You can get information about the solutions offered by our company about which products should be used.

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