Which Products Should Be Used in Disinfection of Medical Instruments?

Different products can be preferred for each material for disinfection processes. You can determine whether the chemical formula you prefer is suitable or not by examining the usage areas and how it should be applied in which products.

When choosing an instrument disinfectant, it is important to pay attention to the material from which the products you will use are made. Some chemicals may not be suitable for different types of metal. Having the material information of the equipment you have before choosing your products allows you to prevent future corrosion.

Active substances such as OPA (orthophthalaldehyde), PAA (peracetic acid) are used in the disinfection of medical instruments that require high level disinfection. These disinfectants are mostly preferred in endoscopy and operating theatre units. Medium level disinfectants contain amine and quat as active ingredients and are mostly used in sterilisation units.

You can choose our products named Detro OPA and Detro PAA 2200 in the high level disinfection group and Detro Cid Enzym and Akadent Extra in the medium level disinfection group.

Why is Medical Device Cleaning Necessary?

Enzymatic cleaners are one of the medical products that can be preferred to ensure the cleaning and hygiene of medical devices. You can choose different cleaners according to your place of use. Cleaning organic and inorganic impurities in surgical instruments and endoscopes before disinfection and sterilisation processes allows disinfection and sterilisation to be fully realised. The enzymes used in the cleaners increase the performance of the product and enable more efficient cleaning. Detro Enzym easily cleans impurities that may occur on medical instruments such as protein, fat, starch and carbohydrate with 4 enzymes it contains.

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