What is Endoscope Hygiene System?

Endoscope hygiene system is an integrated system consisting of washing and disinfection device, high-level disinfectant, enzymatic cleaner, storage and drying cabinet and transport vehicle. It is a system that includes all necessary devices and equipment for the endoscope to be ready for use in the next patient after the procedure.

Why should we use the Endoscope Hygiene System?

The purpose of developing this system;

*To prevent user errors,

*To ensure patient, user and environmental safety,

*To use fast-acting, environmentally friendly, economical disinfectants and cleaners,

*To perform the drying, storage and transport processes of the endoscope after the cleaning and disinfection process economically, in optimum time, by preventing the risk of contamination and ensuring patient and user safety.

Endoscope Hygiene System Prices

The prices of devices, equipment and disinfectants in the endoscope hygiene system vary according to the model and features of the products. It is important to choose the products you prefer in parallel with your intended use. Thanks to this system that you can use in health institutions and private organisations, you can meet the hygiene and disinfection standards of the endoscopy unit at the optimum level according to standard cleaning and disinfection methods. With the devices and equipment you can use to ensure disinfection and hygiene conditions, you can provide a safe environment for both your staff and your patients.

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