Support Products and Usage Areas in Dental Sector

In medical disinfection and sterilisation processes, support products as well as chemical products are of great importance. In the dental sector, especially tools such as disinfection tubs, dispensers, measuring cups are used to increase hygiene standards and create a safe working environment.

Disinfection Basins: Specially designed basins for disinfection of dental instruments provide effective disinfection of instruments. These basins perform the cleaning and disinfection process by soaking the instruments in liquid disinfectants for a certain period of time.

Dispensers and Spray Heads: Closed system dispensers facilitate the use of disinfectants. Special dispensers and spray heads for hand hygiene and surface disinfection allow hygienic applications to be carried out in a regular and controlled manner.

Ultrasonic Washing Devices: Ultrasonic washing devices used for cleaning dental instruments effectively clean the surfaces of the instruments using vibrating sound waves. These devices provide more effective cleaning of residues and impurities.

Dilution Devices and Measuring Cups: Devices used to dilute and measure disinfectants in the correct proportions ensure the preparation of hygienic solutions. Dosing pumps and measuring cups ensure the safe use of chemicals.

These support products are frequently used in dental clinics and laboratories. They raise hygiene standards, facilitate handling and provide a safe working environment. At Detrodent, we are proud to provide dental professionals with a safe working environment by offering specialised solutions for these support products.

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