Dispensers – Manual Closed System

This manual closed system dispenser, which combines health, hygiene and comfort, makes it possible to use different pump options and products in various forms in a single dispenser. With 3 different pump options, it offers you a wide flexibility in dosing products in liquid, spray, gel and foam form. Thanks to the adjustable dosing system in our product, users can easily adjust the amount of product they want. In addition, we take functionality one step further with 1 liter disposable or refillable cartridge options. The cartridge structure, which ensures that the product is completely consumed, allows users to get maximum efficiency from the product.


In general areas such as home, office, factory, school, hospital,
Wherever health care is provided, such as clinics, dental practices, veterinary clinics, laboratories, etc,
It is suitable for the use of products in liquid, spray, gel and foam form for the hygiene of hands and skin.


Dispensers - Manual Closed System

    With 3 different pump options, it allows the use of different products in liquid, spray, gel, foam form in a single dispenser.
    Detro Derm, Detro Derm Soft, Detro Derm Soft Gel, Detro Hexidin Plus, Detro Derm Soft 72%, Detro Purehand Foam products have 1 L disposable or 1 L refillable cartridge options.
    It has an adjustable dosing system.
    It has a cartridge structure that ensures that the product is completely consumed. It is resistant to water and chemicals thanks to its 100% ABS material structure.
    It has a transparent acrylic screen structure that provides product visibility.
    There is an opening lock that allows easy opening and prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the cartridge.

    Insert the opening lock into the holes on the top of the dispenser and press the lock lightly. To open the dispenser door, pull the dispenser door slightly.
    Open the lid of the disposable cartridge, pierce the protective foil and screw the pump into the mouth of the cartridge.
    Insert the cartridge into the cartridge holder of the dispenser with the pump facing downwards. If a refillable cartridge is used, open the top of the cartridge, fill the product and close the top. Adjust the dosage with the dosage knob on the inside of the dispenser.
    There are 2 dosage settings.
    The dosing mechanism gives 1 dose of product in horizontal position and 2 doses in vertical position. The lid of the dispenser is closed with a click.
    The product is taken by pressing the pressing area in the dispenser.

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