Veterinary water system disinfection is critical for healthy animal growth, increased feed efficiency and disease prevention. In this process, maintaining the cleanliness and quality of water, infrastructure elements such as water system and storage tanks are also of great importance.

The steps to be followed to prevent biofilm formation in water system disinfection are as follows:

Inspection of the Water System: The water system should be inspected at regular intervals and possible problems should be identified. Water lines, drinkers and storage tanks should be regularly maintained.

Analysing Water Quality: Water quality should be analysed regularly. Water quality should be determined by checking pH levels, microbiological content and other important parameters.

Cleaning the Water System: Water lines, drinkers and storage tanks should be cleaned at regular intervals. This is important to prevent biofilm formation and improve water quality.

Effective Disinfectant Use: Appropriate and effective disinfectants should be used in veterinary water system disinfection. These disinfectants provide clean water by keeping microorganisms in the water system under control.

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