Detro Activ

Peracetic Acid Based High Level Medical Device Disinfectant 

Detro Activ is an effective concentrated disinfectant product designed in powder form for use in the medical field. Detro Activ not only provides disinfection thanks to the enzymes it contains, but also helps to effectively clean dirty medical instruments. In addition, it protects the disinfected instruments and extends their life with the corrosion inhibitors it contains.

The product supports the use of test strips to easily check disinfection effectiveness. It is free of aldehydes and phenols, making it a safer option for users. This special disinfectant provides a reliable solution to meet the high level disinfection requirement of medical instruments.


General surgical instruments
Anesthesia instruments
Dental surgical instruments
Medical instruments made of plastic, silicone, glass, acrylate and rubber


Detro Activ

    It is a product in concentrated and powder form.
    Sodium percarbonate and TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine) react with water to form peracetic acid.
    Provides high level disinfection.
    Effectively cleans impurities thanks to the enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease) it contains; protects and extends the life of tools with corrosion inhibitors.
    Aldehyde and phenol free. Biodegradable.
    Compatible with glass, rubber, wood, ceramic, silicone, plastic and stainless steel materials.
    Class II B product, according to directive 93/42 / EEC


    • Peracetic acid generated by reaction of sodium percarbonate and TAED (tetraacetylethylenediamine) with water, enzymes (amylase, lipase, protease), auxiliary substances, corrosion inhibitors. Generates >1000 ppm peracetic acid at %2 concentration.


    Bactericidal and fungicidal activity in 5 minutes at 0.5% concentration.
    Tuberculocidal activity in 5 minutes at 2% concentration.
    Virucidal and sporicidal activity in 10 minutes at 2% concentration.

    The solution is prepared by dissolving the product in water at the appropriate concentration in a clean and closed container.
    (5 g of product per 1 It water for 0.5% concentration, 20 g of product per 1 It water for 2% concentration).

    • The instrument is immersed in the container so that its surface and all cavities are filled.
    • The container is closed.
    • Wait for the duration of action to complete, then rinse the products with sterile or distilled water.
    • The ready-to-use solution can be used daily.
    • In case of heavy contamination, it is recommended to change the solution.
    • Do not leave tools in the solution for longer than the effective time.
    • Do not use on aluminium, nickel and chrome plated tools.

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