Detro Matic NF

Neutralization Solution for Medical Instrument Washing Machines

Detro Matic NF is a neutralization solution specially designed for automatic washing machines. This product has been developed to neutralize alkaline residues on instruments made of different materials such as metal, glass, ceramic, porcelain, plastic, etc., which are used after alkaline cleaning processes. Detro Matic NF, which contains phosphoric acid, helps to neutralize the alkaline residues left after the machine has completed the process. It also effectively removes lime deposits accumulated inside the appliance.

Detro Matic NF works seamlessly with disinfector devices and ensures a long service life of both machines and instruments. The corrosion inhibitors contained in the product prevent damage to the equipment. In addition, Detro Matic NF can be used with different washing machine brands and offers economic advantages by providing an effective result with low concentrations.


It is used for the neutralization of alkaline residues remaining at the end of the main washing process and the elimination of lime deposits that may form in the machine.


Detro Matic NF

    It is a concentrated product.
    Removes alkaline residues.
    It ensures that the instruments dry clear and spotless. Contains corrosion inhibitors.
    Suitable for use in all washing machine brands.
    It provides economic advantage due to its low usage concentration.


    30% Phosphoric Acid (Cas No: 7664-38-2)

    It is used in automatic washing machines at a concentration of 0.05% – 0.1% (5 – 10 ml per 10 liters of water). It is added to the first rinse water after the use of alkaline cleaner.

    In order for the product to wash effectively at the correct dosage, the device manufacturer’s recommendations must be followed. For better results, use with Detro Matic A (alkaline solution).

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