Akaclean Rust

Rust and Corrosion Remover
Akaclean Rust is a concentrated product used as a rust and corrosion remover. It is specially designed to effectively remove rust and rust-forming residues on stainless steel instruments, laboratory and dental materials.

This concentrated formulation is suitable for use on metal materials except coatings and is ideally suited for use in ultrasonic washers. It also provides a high level of material compatibility by preventing the formation of stains caused by sterilization steam. Akaclean Rust provides an effective solution to rust and corrosion problems and contributes to the long life of instruments.


Eliminating rust and corrosion factors in instruments made of steel and instruments used in dental surgery


Akaclean Rust

    It is a concentrated product.
    Suitable for use on metal materials except coatings.
    It is also suitable for use in ultrasonic washing devices.
    Prevents staining caused by sterilisation steam.
    Material compatibility is high.


    Phosphoric acid, complexing agents and corrosion inhibitors

    Dilute the concentrated product by 1% with mains water.
    Contaminated instruments are placed in the solution.
    It is kept for the duration of the effect.
    It provides effect in ultrasonic washing machines in 5 minutes at 1% concentration and in manual use in 10 minutes at 1% concentration.

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