Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinet

Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinet

Safe patient care requires that each endoscope is delivered to the procedure room in a contamination-free condition and in good working order. Proper handling of contaminated endoscopes to the procedure area, care in handling, appropriate storage practices and controlled transport of a clean endoscope for reuse are critical steps to help reduce the risk of unsafe endoscopes being used in patients.

Flexible endoscopes are re-usable devices. They are heavily contaminated during their use. Therefore, rigorous cleaning and high-level disinfection are required for their reuse in the patient. These two important procedures guarantee the clean and safe use of the endoscope in subsequent patients.

It is also important that a well-cleaned, highly disinfected and properly handled endoscope is stored properly until the next procedure. Improper drying of washed and disinfected endoscopes may pose a risk of microbial growth during storage. This risk can be eliminated by a process or treatment involving proper drying and storage conditions. For these procedures, we have Endoscope Drying and Storage Cabinets.

This product is designed to dry the scopes used in the gastroenterology clinics of hospitals, in areas where medical examinations such as endoscopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy are performed, after washing, and to keep them disinfected and safely stored until the next procedure.

The endoscope drying cabinet is a device that is positioned appropriately and used for drying and storage. Provides a high level of safety for all types of endoscopy procedures. The protection and safety system used here protects the microbiological quality and prevents mechanical damage at a high level. Designed for endoscope procedures, this drying cabinet is one of the indispensable devices to reduce the workload.

What is an Endoscope Drying Cabinet for?

Endoscope drying cabinet helps the disinfected scopes to be stored in safe and clean environments and to be used in a healthy and safe way.

These devices are used in areas where endoscopy procedures are performed. This cabinet helps endoscopes to be dried after washing and stored in a disinfected and safe way for the next process.

What are the Features of Endoscope Drying Cabinet?


  • Hygienic drying and safe storage of flexible endoscopes
  • Ability to dry and store more than 10 endoscopes simultaneously
  • Increasing the quality of drying air with Hepa filter and UV lamp
  • Special structure that provides temperature and continuous humidity control within the device (Ability to keep relative humidity below 50% to prioritise reproduction in endoscopes)
  • Endoscope and user barcode tracking system
  • Automatic door opening with barcode, thus ensuring the traceability of the procedure
  • Easy monitoring of the endoscopes being dried and ready for processing on the programme
  • User-friendly with large touch screen and easy-to-use programmes and language options features, Detro Storage, which is in the Detroscopy product group within Detrox is offered to the service of our users.

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