What is Fumigation?

What is Fumigation?


From past to present, the fumigation process has been used in many different areas in animal and food growing areas, public and grain storages, prevention of insect and pest attacks, disinfection of the environment during epidemics, pharmaceutical facilities, food / business storage facilities.

Fumigation, whose area of use and purpose varies according to the selected fumigant, has developed over the years with modern techniques. In animal and food growing areas, new fumigants have been developed to break the resistance of insects and pests, to prevent overuse, and to prevent loss of life and product. Thus, thanks to the fumigation process carried out with the right fumigant in many areas where food, animals, etc. are grown, contamination is prevented and animal health and production efficiency are ensured.

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation, which we recommend for the disinfection of hard-to-reach areas of poultry house disinfection, gives a gaseous chemical substance (fumigant) to prevent microbial contamination and keeps the gas in a closed environment for a certain period of time.

After the disinfection process, it reaches hard-to-reach areas with high diffusion effect to complete biosecurity and shows effectiveness with homogeneous distribution with particles in the air.

What are the Positive Aspects of Fumigation?

The positive aspects of the use of fumigation in poultry house disinfection are as follows:

  • Optimum efficiency in hard-to-reach areas with homogenous distribution
  • Bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal activity
  • Ease of application compared to other methods
  • Saving user power

How to Use Fumigation?

Fumigation has a very wide range of uses. Detrox recommends fumigation for the disinfection of hard-to-reach areas of the surfaces of buildings such as poultry houses, barns, stables, corrals, animal shelters, hatcheries, integrated, veterinary, food establishments.

It is very important that the environment should be cleaned and disinfected well before the use of fumigant. Afterwards, a good fumigant should be selected. The selected product should be ready for use and should show optimum effectiveness in hard-to-reach areas with its homogeneous distribution.

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