What is Endoscope Trolley?

Endoscopy is a word formed from the words “endo” and “scopy”, which means visualisation of the inside of the body with a scope.

Endoscope is the general name given to all devices used to take images from internal organs and body cavities. They have different names according to their usage areas.

Endoscopy is performed every day in the Gastroenterology department of the hospital to medical centres. The number of these procedures can be very high in hospitals and medical centres with high patient capacity. For this reason, endoscopy is an important procedure that requires follow-up in itself. Let’s get to know the Endoscope Trolley, which provides convenience to the user, especially for preparation for endoscopy and subsequent processes.

The vehicle that helps to take the devices used in the endoscopy procedure to the procedure room and to the area to be stored at the end of the procedure is called Endoscope Trolley. The trolley must be protected from harmful microorganisms during use, as well as a safe and secure environment must be provided in the transport process.

How to Use Endoscope Trolley?

The trolley must be safe during use. In particular, it should be in dimensions that will not damage the instruments and should be designed in such a way that the user can carry it comfortably. 

 The trays used during transport are equipped with a lid, which also helps to store the endoscope device securely during transport.

Each trolley transports a certain number of endoscopes. Special labels and tubs are used to distinguish between dirty and clean endoscopes. In special labelling, trays with green labels are usually coded for clean endoscopes, while trays with red labels are coded for dirty endoscopes.

The wheels with locking feature on the trolley allow the user to stop the trolley at any time and move it at any time.

Where is Endoscope Trolley Used?

The endoscope trolley helps to securely handle endoscopes during use. Easy to use ergonomic endoscope trolley is used in hospitals and different clinical environments.

Detro Trolley, which is in the Detroscopy product group within Detrox, is designed as an ergonomic trolley for endoscopes. With this design, more than 1 endoscope can be transported at the same time. All your needs have been taken into consideration with large transport containers that prevent damage to endoscopes, special labels designed for dirty-clean separation and locking feature on the wheels.