Poultry House Disinfection

The first thing to be done for profitable production in poultry facilities (poultry houses, hatcheries, slaughterhouses, transport vehicles, food and feed stores) is to minimise the emergence and spread of diseases. Poultry disinfection prevents the risk of contamination of living organisms, reduces the use of antibiotics and ensures the sustainability of production.

What is Poultry House Disinfection?

One of the areas where animal breeding is carried out is poultry houses. Each stage of poultry house disinfection should be carried out with the same rigour: rough cleaning, disinfection of water systems, pre-washing, disinfection, fumigation. Rough cleaning is an important first step for a good pre-washing and disinfection process. For a good disinfection, a good pre-wash is performed and the poultry houses are cleaned from the presence of organic matter.  Microbial contamination in the poultry houses is prevented by choosing an effective disinfectant. With the fumigation process, disinfection is performed for hard-to-reach areas. With these processes, poultry house disinfection is completed.

Biosecurity measures for poultry house disinfection should be completed and sustainability should be ensured. Biosafety includes the determination of the negative effects that modern biotechnology products may have on human and animal health and the environment, and the measures to be taken to control the damages that will occur in case of the possibility of occurrence of the identified risks. For the sustainability of poultry house disinfection, entrances and exits to the facility should be controlled simultaneously and vehicle traffic should also be controlled. For this reason, after the poultry house is disinfected, user-animal-environment safety must be ensured to protect it from internal and external factors.

With our innovative Detrovet products, we are at your service to complete biosecurity measures and ensure sustainability.

How to Ensure Poultry Disinfection?

In addition to offering the products required for poultry house disinfection to the customer, Detrox visits the customer and analyses the location choices of poultry houses. It creates a poultry house disinfection programme according to the suitability of the facility and offers integrated biosecurity solutions with Detrovet products.

The main stages of the Detrovet Poultry House Disinfection Programme:

Rough Cleaning: A good rough cleaning should be done to ensure good poultry house disinfection. The raised animals are taken out of the poultry house to be disinfected. Underlay, feeders and fertilisers are removed from the poultry house floor. Clean water is used at low pressure and high flow rate to clean the surfaces from coarse dirt and the whole poultry house is cleaned from dirt. The poultry house is made ready for the use of Detrovet products before the disinfection and pre-washing process is started.

Disinfection of Water Systems: Clean and high quality water to be provided to the animals is very important for the animals in the poultry house to benefit from feed, to reduce the use of antibiotics and to prevent digestive problems. In order to ensure water hygiene, biofilm layer formation is undesirable. To prevent this, Detrox recommends following sequential actions such as water system inspection, analysis of water quality, cleaning of the water system, use of effective disinfectants and continuous control of water quality to maintain water hygiene and quality. Detrox offers many alternatives for water system disinfection with Detrovet Peroxy, Detrovet San Chlor DT and Detrovet Silverox products with different ingredients.

Pre-washing: Another important stage for poultry house disinfection is a good foamy cleaning. Before and after cleaning, measurements to be made in the poultry houses are an important parameter for controlling the cleaning efficiency. An effective detergent should be selected for a good foamy cleaning. It is very important that the selected detergent forms a foam that adheres to the surface. Detrox offers many alternatives for pre-washing with Detrovet Alkafoam and Detrovet Enzofoam products with different ingredients.

Disinfection: Antimicrobial activity of disinfectants can be reduced in the presence of organic matter. For this reason, after a good cleaning process, an effective disinfectant should be selected and the poultry house disinfection process should continue. The parameters to be considered in disinfectant selection are; the disinfectant should be stable, broad spectrum and non-corrosive. Detrox offers many alternatives for general disinfection with Detrovet Farmdes, Detrovet GDA, Detrovet Forte, Detrovet Iodes, Detrovet Pro Activ, Detrovet Activ, Detrovet Quat Des, Detro San Floor, Detro San HP, Detrovet Black-Px products with different contents and application techniques.

Fumigation: After rough cleaning, a good pre-washing and disinfection process, hard-to-reach areas must be reached with high diffusion effect in order to complete the poultry house disinfection programme. The amount of product to be used is determined by calculating according to the area to be fumigated indoors.